About First Baptist Church of Auburn

The starting point of this church was in the spring of 1957. Sister Reasha Staton went to Rev. Vernon Tally and asked him if he could do something to start a mission in Auburn. At that time, Sister Staton was an active member of the Woods-Station Baptist Church and Brother Tally was the pastor.

At the July 1957 business meeting, Sister Staton made a motion for Woods-Station to hold a Vacation Bible School in Auburn. The Statons volunteered to provide a place to set up a tent. Two hours after the meeting, Brother Slagle, the area missionary, called Brother Tally to see if he knew where a tent could be used for a week in August.

In August of 1957, a Vacation Bible School was held at 1142 Morgon-Ross Road each morning for two weeks. The enrollment was 90. Each night a revival meeting was held with an average attendance of 60. Brother Tally preached these revival meetings.

Following this, prayer meetings were held in the home of Brother and Sister Horace Staton. The babies were cared for in the home of Helen (Staton) Metcalf across the street.

In February 1958, through the efforts of Betty Treadway, a building was rented at 4294 Hamilton-Scipio Road. Woods-Station then voted to help the mission and to lean equipment until the Auburn mission could support itself. The State Mission Board paid the first month’s rent and bought a heating stove. The Sunday School Board in Nashville, Tennessee donated free literature for the first quarter. From then on, the mission was self-supporting. The first revival was held that same month with Brother Slagle preaching and Brother Tally leading the singing.

This story of our church was relayed to me by Brother Vernon Tally, pastor of Woods-Station Baptist Church.

On February 4, 1959, the mission was incorportated into the First Baptist Church of Auburn with William K. Angel as pastor. In 1960, James B. Hoover donated an acre of land to build a church on.

In March 1961, the basement of the present building was started. It was finished by April 2, 1961. A revival was held with Brother George Fletcher, evangelist, preaching. There was one man saved: Harry Bryant.

On May 8, 1963, the first service was held in the present auditorium. The sermon was from John chapter 19, and was presented by Brother John M. Turner.

In 1977, the fellowship hall was added. In 1987, the Hoover Farm was bought by the church (eleven acres and house). The house and one acre were sold a few years later. In 1994, a shelter was built and a baseball field was constructed. In April 1999, a van was purchased.

God has blessed our church all through the years. Many have been saved going on to teach and preach to others. Our 60th anniversary was celebrated in June 2019.